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My dear friend

​From: Krissy Games

My dear friend. I’ve been so blessed to share 45 years of life with you. My heart is incredibly heavy but I am finding some peace in all our memories together. Our awkward middle school years and our naughty high school years, cutting class to cruise Hollywood and stalk the Dodgers. Dodger games in your mom’s huge car and your bright red Ghia.

Your sense of humor was hands down the best!! A mixture of sarcasm and spice, always quick witted, sassy and articulate! Your laughter, the hard, silent laughter when something really struck a cord, was one of a kind. My goodness we laughed a lot over the years. Tapping strangers’ shoulders, ding dong ditch, prank calls (even as adults when our girl crew all got together), our annual Christmas parties with our many memories.

Your absence will be felt for a long, long time. Thank you for being such an incredible woman, friend, wife, daughter, sister, animal mom and lover of our earth.

I love you Tam, Krissy

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