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the cat's "human"

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

From: Ruthanne Jennings (Heidt)

I met Tamara when I was living in Santa Monica and working as a Realtor. She purchased a condo near to my own home and we became friends. My first impression/memory is a story I've told over the 25+ years since we met. Once she was settled in her new home, she discovered a feral cat living nearby. She started feeding the cat and eventually she became the cat's "human". Even when she moved, she could have re-homed her cat, but instead took the challenge of finding a life that included the kitty.

Tamara and I have kept in touch over the years and I've always admired her kindness, intelligence, honesty and love of animals. Being an animal advocate as well and a nature lover/hiker I felt a true kinship even though I was 13 years old than her.

My heart is broken and I consider myself the lucky one to have known Tamara and she will remain in my heart. Ruthanne

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